REIT Board of Directors Announces Anticipated Closing Date

Sales of Shares of Common Stock in Primary Offering will Cease on or Before March 24, 2016

Value-Enhancement in Action - Harrison Place

Beyond our universal practice of pursuing operational excellence, we expect that up to 60% of our properties will undergo strategic property-level enhancements. We intend to implement the majority of interior improvements while units are vacant to limit the disruption to residents and the impact on the property’s revenue.

35% of Americans rent instead of own their home.

Source: US Census Bureau

Steadfast Apartment REIT will seek apartment communities that serve middle-market Americans

– the largest group, with 53.9% of households falling in this category.

Source: US Census Bureau

Dramatic aesthetic improvements may be achieved with minimal additional capital

Value enhancements

New Supply Can’t Keep Up With Demand

300,000 new apartments are needed annually, yet only 144,000 were built in 2012 and 183,000 were completed in 2013.

Source: National Multifamily Housing Council, New Apartment Construction: How Much is Needed, US Census Bureau, HUD

Steadfast Apartment REIT
Property Portfolio

Steadfast Apartment REIT will target markets that rank highly in key metrics that we believe have the greatest potential to impact apartment growth.

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Distribution Team

Steadfast Capital Markets Group is the securities and financial services division of Steadfast Companies, and was formed in 2009 to offer real estate-related investment offerings through the retail broker-dealer and institutional channels.

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Steadfast product presentation: Investing Where America Lives

Steadfast Apartment REIT Client Presentation

Listen to our client-approved presentation for the Steadfast Apartment REIT. This presentation will provide a narrated overview of Steadfast Apartment REIT, its investment strategy and offering highlights.

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