Steadfast Income REIT

Prospectus and Risk Factors

Steadfast Income REIT Prospectus

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An investment in Steadfast Income REIT, Inc. ("Steadfast Income REIT") involves a high degree of risk. You should purchase shares only if you can afford a loss of some or all of your investment.

Past performance is no indication of future results and there can be no assurance that Steadfast Income REIT will be able to execute the business plan for the properties or the offering.

You should carefully consider the information set forth in the "Risk Factors" section of the prospectus for a discussion of material risk factors relevant to an investment in our common stock, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • We commenced operations on August 11, 2010, and have a limited operating history. There is no assurance that we will be able to successfully achieve our investment objectives.
  • Because there is no public trading market for shares of our common stock and we are not obligated to effectuate a liquidity event by a certain date or at all, it will be difficult for you to sell your shares of our common stock. Additionally, there are restrictions and limitations on your ability to have your shares repurchased under our share repurchase plan.  If you are able to sell your shares or have your shares repurchased, it may be at a significant discount from the price you paid for your shares.
  • The initial offering price of our shares was not established based upon any appraisals of assets we own or may own, and we do not intend to adjust the offering price based on any such appraisals during the first two years of this offering; therefore, the offering price may not accurately reflect the value of our assets when you invest.
  • We will pay substantial fees and expenses to our advisor, its affiliates and broker-dealers. These fees were not negotiated at arm’s length and therefore may be higher than fees payable to unaffiliated parties.
  • This is the first public offering sold by the dealer manager. Our ability to raise money and achieve our investment objectives depends on the ability of the dealer manager to successfully market our offering.
  • Continued disruptions in the financial markets and deteriorating economic conditions could have a material impact on our business. The amount of distributions we may make is uncertain.
  • Apartment investments have inherent risks, including variations in rental income and occupancy, lack of liquidity and changes in the value of the properties.
  • Our distributions have been paid from, and in the future may continue to be paid from, sources such as borrowings, offering proceeds or advances, and the deferral of fees and expense reimbursements by our advisor. We have not established a limit on the amount of proceeds from this offering that we may use to fund distributions. Payment of distributions from sources other than our cash flow from operations would reduce the funds available to us for investments in real properties and real estate-related assets, which could result in investment losses and/or a reduction or suspension of distributions.
  • All of our executive officers and some of our directors are also officers, managers, directors and/or holders of a controlling interest in our advisor, the dealer manager and other entities affiliated with us. They will face conflicts of interest as a result of compensation arrangements, time constraints and competition for investments, which could result in actions that are not in your best interests.
  • Because this is a “blind pool” offering, you will not have the opportunity to evaluate our investments prior to purchasing shares of our common stock.
  • We may incur debt exceeding 75% of the cost of our tangible assets with the approval of a majority of our independent directors. High debt levels increase the risk of your investment.
  • If we fail to qualify as a REIT, it would adversely affect our operations and our ability to make distributions to our stockholders and may have adverse tax consequences for our stockholders.
  • We depend upon our advisor to conduct our operations. Our advisor and its management are newly formed and do not have significant experience operating a public company.

The underlying assumptions and any forward-looking statements herein may not be accurate, the projections herein shown may not occur, and your performance may vary significantly. To the extent the information in this brochure conflicts with the information in the prospectus, the information in the prospectus shall govern.