Steadfast Companies

Our mission is to pursue real estate opportunities responsibly and with integrity for the benefit of our investors, partners, tenants, employees, company and the community.

Steadfast Management Team

Property Management

Our property management professionals proactively evaluate challenges and provide innovative solutions to problems. At the same time, they maintain an acute focus on executing the strategic plan for each asset.

Our holistic approach provides a strong foundation of property management fundamentals and guidelines that help maximize rental income and control expenses, while creating a sense of community for our residents and tenants.

Asset Management

Understanding and mitigating downside risk in every investment is an essential component of Steadfast Companies’ commitment to preserving investors’ capital.

Our extensive experience, industry relationships and comprehensive knowledge across diverse markets allow Steadfast Companies to evaluate trends to drive the performance for each investment. We consistently measure the performance of each property and our portfolio as a whole. When the established investment objective(s) have been met, the asset management team evaluates the best course of action to ensure the maximum benefit for property owners.

*The information above is specific to Steadfast Companies, the sponsor of Steadfast Apartment REIT, and reflects properties owned and/or managed. Investors are not making an investment in Steadfast Companies. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.